When All is Not Calm, and All is Not Bright

Sometimes, the heart becomes weak in the waiting.  Believing in a promise, or living with a delayed hope, dream, or desire can pull at the interior calmness of trust that all will be bright.  Life is filled with times we may find ourselves having glided into moments or seasons when all is not calm or bright, but choosing to remain there alone is a choice, for all can be calm if all does not seem bright.


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In such times, his gentleness beckons us to come and rest, to hear his heart, and to see a new dimension of a view.  It seems to be the twisting of  transformational growing pains of the soul that call us to trust in him to even greater depths, or heights depending on ones current view.  Sometimes there are no answers to questions of why, but there is an invitation of the soul to keep step with him, amidst disillusionment, pain, or delay.


Experience is an astute teacher.  It can carve the deepest of chunks of what we seem to hold dear in our own strength that only serves to essentially pad the truest self and desires from emerging.  Experience can be the greatest of teachers, and oft it’s those delay or disillusionment times we look back upon and find we were actually led by the One who loves us most, allowing us to walk through the transforming of our hearts.
What is true, no matter what path one’s feet seem to have found themselves on is the choice of resting in intimacy of being “home” wherever one is; knowing that our truest home is in communion with God in the present now.  To keep step with him is to discipline the heart and mind to live in the present.  It is out of that abiding place that brings light to all that life is filled.
God doesn’t call us for our identities to be found in what we do for him or where we find ourselves in the chapter of life, but nestled securely in him.  Whatever we may do is a service and prayer unto him.  If our home; our resting and nestling place, and identity are not found in him, delays and disillusionments can make a greater impact and try to deform the image he is forming in our souls – the one that resembles his, Imago Dei.
What God allows, He invites us to receive the grace sufficient to walk in communion with him, even when emotions strongly yearn to pull in other directions. Be calm, dear one, in the midst of waiting. All will be calm, all will be bright. There’s always a greater purpose beyond what the eyes can see, and the purpose for now is to enter into communion in the midst of disillusionment or delay.                                                                                                                                       
Sometimes, what can become a spiritual practice is to allow God to hold the concern of the heart and be free from it.  When we are ready, we can trust that he is a gentleman and guides us into questions that help us to see from a fresh perspective.  Even if tears emerge, they are healing for the soul and the most blessed place to be is there in communion with the One who understands, identifies, and loves with great delight.
Is it not in the silent season of the night that we hear his whisper most sincere, where “glories stream from heaven afar”?
For reflection, is all calm and bright in the crevices of your soul?  Is there a yearning placed there by God, his invitation to sit in communion and begin to explore the depths and rise changed and transformed by meeting him there, able to sleep in “sweet heavenly peace”?  Having a spiritual companion who sees your desire and what God is doing in your life and sharing fellowship can be a sweet time during dim seasons.
May time spent with the One who came that most holy night bring “radiant beams” in the crevices of the soul and the joys of his redeeming grace fill it with his Presence that all is calm, and all will be bright.  Please be welcomed to leave a prayer request and I will graciously honor the privilege of joining with you in prayer.
“I am leaving you with a gift-peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.”  – John 14:27 NLT

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