Individual Soul Care Mentoring Intensives for 3 or 6 months

An Invitation..

Soul Care and Spiritual Transformation

“Where a well-ordered life emerges from a well-nourished soul”

Soul Care Mentoring and Spiritual Companioning


“How is your pace of life?”

“How is it with your soul?” or  “How is it going with what you are doing?” were common greetings for Christians shared by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism.  They were intentional mentoring questions, at the heart to cultivating soul nurturing practices for spiritual growth through authentic relationships to ascertain the state of the soul.

Are you…

  • Desiring to invest in your own quality of life through are with nourishing soul care practices?
  • Exhausted or fatigued and longing to know how to make sacred space to cultivate intimacy with God?
  • Desiring sacred grace-filled rhythms for life that work for you instead of chasing an elusive balance, knowing there’s much more to life than a to-do list, fulfilling your ‘full-potential’ by resting in God rather than striving, leading from your most authentic self that is congruent to who God created you to be?
  • Longing to be nourished in the ways of soul care, margin, and celebrating a weekly Sabbath in a personalized and confidential mentoring companionship where prayerful and thoughtful questions are asked that help you discern answers through prayer?

The Invitation

An invitation to Soul Care through Spiritual Transformation and Mentoring is designed to nurture and care for the souls of women who are leaders in roles of motherhood, ministry, and marketplace.

  • It’s an opportunity to respond to God’s invitation through Christ to “Come, follow me” in the practices and rhythms that sustained him.
  • It’s an invitation to cultivate greater intimacy with Christ through the Trinity on an intentional companioning journey towards life-giving ways to cultivate ongoing intimacy with God.
  • It’s an opportunity to create sacred space for spiritual transformation and begin to slowly arrange your life for livable life-giving rhythms.

Through carefully individually chosen spiritual readings, relationship, experience, and spiritual exercises, you will be companioned as you travel toward living all of life as sacred in communion with God and entering soul rest.


Soul Rest for Transformation

6905_10208437986486749_341802719447620563_nSpiritual transformation is the focus; to rest in being, to “be” before “becoming,” being led instead of a striving or “doing” which is ultimately for the sake of others (Romans 12:2). 

As leaders, “performance mentality” can become common place with a sometimes unrecognizable desire of thirst on the interior. When this happens, spiritual and mental exhaustion can impact relationships and the quality of life.

A spiritual thirst for what sustains and quenches isn’t found is doing “more” but in time with the One who is soul nourishment.  The mentoring intensive is a companioning  journey of “how ” with practical steps through listening prayer and a listening book.   It is a slow journey of self-examination through prayer that leads to spiritual growth through historical Christianity.  “A well-nourished soul results in a well-ordered life” with margin and rest, and an awareness of the nearness of God through the Trinity, sustaining the interior abundant life promised.

What does Soul Care Mentoring Look like?

  • One monthly confidential session of 50 minutes of mentoring and spiritual companionship for three or six month options that are renewable via telephone, Skype, or if local, optional “cups of conversation” $75.  A pre-meeting preparation form sent two days ahead of time to return to guide conversation in mentoring.  A $75 deposit secures your space after discernment application and covers resources.
  • Selected short monthly exercises to ascertain what types of spiritual practices you may be drawn to out of your uniqueness, where your soul may need the most care, or help understand where you may be on your journey of faith.
  • A monthly Christian spiritual practice to experience and ascertain if it is life-giving for you.
  • Weekly spiritual formation exercises sent once a week to complement your daily devotions in a classical form of spiritual growth, the Spiritual Exercises, focused on Inner Peace and Divine Love and Inner Peace and Friendship with Jesus
  • A Guide for your own Personal Spiritual Retreat for Soul Rest.
  • A personally selected book per month recommended with your desires in mind after initial application to deepen your journey.
  • A uniquely selected bookmark from artist David Arms to you for your new journey.
  • Monthly individual handwritten cards with a prayer and tea bag for your quiet time for you from your mentor.
  • Someone praying for you on a regular, consistent basis
  • Possible optional Prayer Retreat with others on the same journey

Inquiry Application for Mentoring

Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc. desires to partner with those whom may desire to make this opportunity available to those who may benefit from a partial scholarship for a tax-deductible donation, as of now this is not yet available. Please inquire on the current available status for financial assistance should this be a concern through email at for a partial scholarship application form.

My Heart and Desire

I find great joy in mentoring others to live in a greater awareness of God’s Nearness and growing in intimacy with Christ and have enjoyed mentoring women since 1991.  My desire heather photo with cropsfor Christ has led me in formal studies of a bachelors in church ministries and a master’s degree in Biblical Literature with my thesis on the book of Esther. As of now, I am currently enjoying a two-year leadership cohort on spiritual transformation with quarterly intensive retreats and spiritual direction through The Transforming Center with and post masters certification in spiritual transformation through Northern Seminary.

As an ordained minister having served in full-time traveling retreat ministry to ladies through founding Intrinsic Beauty Ministries in 1996 and in pastoral positions in multiple churches, it was a life-transforming year of Sabbath rest in 2014, that was  a soul nourishing year on the cusp of deep grief emerging the stages of our youngest through a Leadership Investment Intensive.

It is my desire to share what has been life transforming for myself and serve others through intentional mentoring out of overflow of soul nourishing sacred rhythms.  My passion is reflected best in spiritual formation and biblical exegesis with patters of practices from earliest times of Christianity that emerged from Judaism.  It is my heart is to encourage and companion those in leadership and ministry currently serving without margin by slowing and reflecting and growing in intimacy with the One who loves them most.


Objectives of  Mentoring Companionship

  • Living in the awareness of the presence of Christ (Psalm 16:11)
  • Authentic confidential mentoring (Matthew 28:19-20)
  • A beginning development of a life-giving and sustainable pace of life and personal rhythm of sacred practices for sustainable life and leadership (Matthew 11:28-30)
  • The practice of retreating for soul rest (Mark 6:31)
  • Leading from authentic selves (not self-will or ego driven) clothed in Christ (Col. 3:3)


What do we believe?

Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc. Statement of Faith

Intrinsic Beauty Ministries, Inc. is focused on mentoring women and was founded in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to “encouraging, equipping, and esteeming women in Christ worldwide”.

cathedral window

“You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless,

until they can find rest in you.”

Augustine of Hippo (354–430), in Confessions

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