Authenticity, the Meeting Place of God


The beauty of true friendship never blooms behind masks.  Tis an exquisite one to behold where authenticity spurs authenticity, where delight is shared in celebrating  the vulnerability of humanity and knowing one is truly loved.

It is the true self embraced-in-Christ that welcomes authenticity above the pretense of clamoring charades of masks.

It is that true self that communes with the Three-in-One God,

a self that cannot be created any more unique than was first intended,

a self that cannot earn more love in a posture of doing, but receives enough to share from a posture of the heart of receiving through communing,

a self that is valued and beloved in its vulnerable humanity,

a self that is the greatest gift to share,

a self that continually blossoms from meeting God in  the depths of ones truest self.



It is there that one is always home, no matter where life may roam,

The place of divine friendship that gives the capacity to embrace the same in all it encounters.

It is from the heart of this encounter that one is no longer lost- but found,

fulfillment becomes restored in the core,

meeting God with eyes that can see glimpses of the heart of God.


From living in that communing place with God, the place of holy authenticity.

“When you know how much God is in love with you

then you can only live your life radiating that love.” – Mother Teresa

Living Full of Grace,

Heather Rogero


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Crossing the Threshold of Surrender

This place of becoming bare from what was is the beginning of the integration of the soul; both being loved and to being love, it is a place where the soul integrates the Love that is by surrendering the gift of will given to the One who created it. An unexpected and unanticipated surprise of being enveloped in his love is found and perceived, with a new Reality that infuses the very essence of the entirety of the soul - when the threshold of loving surrender of the will is crossed.

Allowing God’s Love to Envelop our Will

In that embrace of the surrendered soul; our will, all else falls dim, except the desire to live in awareness and freely share what has been given, it's learning to rest in God while living life in the acknowledged fullness of reality, unfulfilled expectations, and joys on the mountaintops. It's where disappointments are embraced as much as joys, realizing they both are divine teachers awaiting to impart.

An Invitation to Pause in Preparation for the New Year

As we reflect on the joy and light that was Christmas, we can begin to feel the stirring of internal striving to set intellectual goals in preparation for the New Year. The striving pull of clamoring thoughts naturally rise, often without realizing we have received an unopened invitation to a place of quiet sacred space, one that welcomes the wings of our intellect to gently fold and nestle into union with our hearts, to sit in quiet with the Lord, and meet and commune with Him where he resides within.

What is the Current State of your Soul?

There comes a time to switch to a lower gear, and begin to be present in more of life with intentionality and authenticity to listen to one's soul than being in a constant mode of doing could dream to offer. The questions begin to change; in whom am I investing, what is the state of my relationships in authentic, sometimes messy community, and what is the current state of my soul? The focus changes from the outer world to a well-ordered and nourished inner that allows one to engage both heart and mind in daily living and coincidentally have greater external influence.

Is Your Soul Thirsty?

Abundant living comes from a beautiful place of being and then only doing from a rested place of being. It seems we often pine to become something while doing, trying to attain being "someone". Ironically, the authenticity of fully living is realizing that the thirst of the soul may come in the mode of desires and longings feeling arid or parched. It takes time, silence, solitude, and rest for refreshment of the soul, one that becomes satiated in a place of allowing times of quietness and trust to become a strength.
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