About Heather

A Few Random Enjoyments

  • Reading with a warm cup of tea and cozy blanket
  • Hugs from my children and exploring new adventures with my husband
  • Time over a warm cup of conversation with my spiritual friends
  • The sound of the shore, warm rays, and time to be and reflect at the beach


Favorite Biblical Narrative:  The passage of Mary and Martha with Jesus.  Both were in his presence and both are vital for nourishing and walking out our faith; to sit and be with Jesus, and walk out the necessities of life in his presence.

What’s in my cup?  Blackberry tea with honey, mocha latte’, warm lemon water, or black coffee with vanilla cream and daily lightly sweetened ice tea!

Favorite place lived:  Martha’s Vineyard Island, Massachusetts

Most inspirational person met:  Mother Teresa, sensing the kindness and love from being in her presence and praying with her impacted my spiritual formation in 1994.

Most inspirational through reading of their life:  Saint Teresa of Avila, for her humility, ability to share theology, creativity, and her model of spiritual formation through prayer.

How I met my husband:  We met in seminary and were in Hebrew class together.  We translated the book of Ruth together and met before class to study on a regular basis the vocabulary in the book … which led to a courtship and marriage.

One of the most transformational seasons:  A season of deep grief and late-night scientific research after receiving our sons diagnosis;  been born healthy and thriving  and normal genetics and to disabled before age two.  Establishing sacred rhythms and listening prayer has been soul nourishing living with the and living a new normal with special needs.

Integrated motto through life-lessons and spiritual formation:  “To see all of life through eyes of gratitude”

Favorite Resonating Theologies:

  • Sacramental Living; living all of life as sacred in a “eucharistic” way of gratitude and thanksgiving
  • Paschal Mystery; how Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection bring new life and how it applies to daily choices and living
  • Incarnational theology; being the abiding dwelling place of the gift of the Holy Spirit and living a life of awareness and integration of surrendering ones will to his for the sake of others.

Favorite Verse: 

“You will make known to me the path of life;

In Your presence is fullness of joy; 

In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”  – Psalm 16:11