Authenticity, the Meeting Place of God


The beauty of true friendship never blooms behind masks.  Tis an exquisite one to behold where authenticity spurs authenticity, where delight is shared in celebrating  the vulnerability of humanity and knowing one is truly loved.

It is the true self embraced-in-Christ that welcomes authenticity above the pretense of clamoring charades of masks.

It is that true self that communes with the Three-in-One God,

a self that cannot be created any more unique than was first intended,

a self that cannot earn more love in a posture of doing, but receives enough to share from a posture of the heart of receiving through communing,

a self that is valued and beloved in its vulnerable humanity,

a self that is the greatest gift to share,

a self that continually blossoms from meeting God in  the depths of ones truest self.



It is there that one is always home, no matter where life may roam,

The place of divine friendship that gives the capacity to embrace the same in all it encounters.

It is from the heart of this encounter that one is no longer lost- but found,

fulfillment becomes restored in the core,

meeting God with eyes that can see glimpses of the heart of God.


From living in that communing place with God, the place of holy authenticity.

“When you know how much God is in love with you

then you can only live your life radiating that love.” – Mother Teresa

Living Full of Grace,

Heather Rogero


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