Savor the Aroma of the Sacred in the Ordinary!

Oh Soul, savor the aroma of sacred in the ordinary! What is it that may be sifted through a sieve so that all that remains is the softness of reflecting glory to God in what seems to be ordinary, to be mundane?


If all of life can be an offering to Him, is there really any ingredient that has no purpose? The Master Baker, the artisan of daily sustenance alone knows the quality and intent of each ingredient to evoke the full potential of flavor for a savory loaf. He’s able to bring what seems dead and ashen, to be revived to allow His beauty to radiate. What seems like only the light soft powder of flour can become alive and active again when allowed to grow with the sweetness in the transformational fermentation process developing both character and flavor of the dough of life.


Any yet, after a time of rising and resting, the willing humility required to offer the whole back to be gently shaped by the Master Baker, and placed on what seems to a temporary confinement of the loaf pan to be baked through intensified temperatures prepares the savory gift of nourishment to be shared with others. Is it not in resting in the perimeters of the confinement of the pan, the very place the Master Baker has placed for preparation that allows a beauty of surrender in the boundaries, a freedom?


But I trust in you, Lord;     I say, “You are my God.” – Psalm 31:15


Where in life do you feel closest to God in the process of becoming?

Where in life do you feel detached or resisting the season of formation?

Praise and offer the first question and make it a prayer of offering.

Ponder and examine the second and offer it as a prayer.


May you be encouraged that He has a plan, even though it may seem to tarry. The most essential moment to be present is this present one, for without it; the transformational process He is doing now would not be an ingredient to offer in the beautiful substance of life He is working through your life to share and nourish others.

Father God, we invite you into this very season of our lives. Allow us to see from your grand perspective in your timing, and if not, the next step as your Word lights the path in the directional step. Thank you for your abiding Presence, the Holy Spirit, as a witness and friend that accompanies on this beautiful journey of life so that we may be that offering for you to share with others allowing our brokenness that was baked and became whole to be sustenance through the mystery of your Divine Work. In Jesus Name, Amen.




The Place of Longing for Intimacy with God

Frail, vulnerable, humble humanity becomes a response to a loving invitation laid bare and finds in that place an embrace in the depths of the crevices with the Divine unconditional love anticipated and sought without understanding that the encounter behind the veil is found not in striving and getting but in yielding and receiving. To reach for the sacredness of life and living is ironically and paradoxically not found in doing more, but in being less with the abundance found with greatest capacity when we are found in Him. "and become one with him. I no longer count on my own righteousness through obeying the law; rather, I become righteous through faith in Christ. For God's way of making us right with himself depends on faith." Philippians 3:9

The Love of the God-Son on Good Friday

It was because of the strength of love that It was because of his love that God-Father sent his son to fulfill a requirement. It was because of the strength of love that Jesus endured the pain of the cross knowing the cost of both love and purpose. It is that same love that beckons us to receive all that he gave out of love so that our own souls may find peace and fulfillment in the divine relationship intended form the beginning, a restoration of intimacy through the Holy Spirit with the veil now torn.
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