Could You Use a “YES” in Your “MESS”? & Book Giveaway!



Yes!  YES!  YESS!!

Sometimes “No” is  a great word to set boundaries and limitations, but there are some bigger than life moments when saying “YES” cannot only revolutionize thinking patters but make an outward focus on blessing the lives of others with one’s intentionality!

I just finished an amazing book, Rhinestone Jesus, Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith is No Longer Enough.  Up to April 30, you can also receive a few extra gifts, through this link: Link to order with free gifts by April 30  during its launch (and it would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift)!



Why am I recommending it?

In 1992, Kristen and I were on the same dormitory hall in Bible School.  Her character even then was graced with a sincere passion to write truth and make a profound difference.  This book is her story, given to God, which became a glorified example of what He can do with a “yes,” even when that yes comes with personal cost and undeniable joy.  The pages encapsulate her faith and obedience in the midst of sincere humility and transparency. One can see the beautiful transformations take place in multiple situations where to the human eye; it resembles nothing more than a “mess”.

In obedience, the theme of “yeses” become a beautiful portrayal of humanity and God’s redeeming transformation and provision in a God-sized task and the story of His work of drawing others with like-minded hearts to make an eternal and global difference. It is practical embracing motherhood, marriage, family life, and reaching beyond the borders of home by with God’s dream starting a pregnancy home for teens in Kenya who were living in the slums and sharing the love of God.  More than that, she shares the process of radical wild faith and abandonment to God and the transformation that took place in her own heart from that first trip with Compassion International.  Link to Kristen’s Yes, Mercy House in Kenya!


My “YES” in MY mess!



On March 28, 2013 my “mess” became a “YES”.  I believe God asked for my story to be used for His Glory.  Just a few weeks later, I read  Kristen’s book and am thrilled to help her launch the book.  I do not feel it is by chance.  You see, the “Autism Valley of Grief” journey the past three and a half years – the story, the grief stages, the details of receiving our son’s diagnoses who was born completely normal and multiple genetic tests that all chromosomes are normal, who received an ASD diagnosis of autism at age one, and a diagnosis of encephalopathy at age two seem to be a “mess”, especially with the therapy schedule since 2010 and the different prescriptions and supplements twice daily.  We were told by his geneticist that he took a static “hit” and there is no genetic tie found for causation for his multiple diagnoses, including the apraxia that caused his speech to go complete guttural sounds.  Still today, at five and a half, his articulation is not even measured at the lowest mark of a 24 month old.  I think it would have been easier to have a chromosomal answer, as there are about 10% that do have a link to a genetic or chromosomal disorder, according to CDC.

My yes from March 28th is undertaking writing a book to bring hope to those on the journey, unchartered territory for myself.  Unlike my my master’s thesis in 2000, and looking for the historical Queen Esther in Greek historical writings, this is a new adventure.  Pray that I can get the written words penned to portray our story and give hope to other families who are daily receiving this diagnosis for their children and that they aren’t alone on the journey of often accompanied by grief of shattered dreams or what they envisioned and to find joy on the journey!


So what is your “YES” in your mess?

How can you start with a little “YES” today?

How can you say “YES” to God in your mess?

What’s a small yes you have answered that has had a big impact?



I have a book to GIVE AWAY, and hoping it may be YOU! 


Leave a comment of your “Yes” no matter the size or any other comment on this post, and you will be entered for the drawing on May 7th!

Link to my book review of Rhinestone Jesus

Link to order with free gifts by April 30  or here



An ASD Easter, a Challenge or His Opportunity? April is Autism Adventure Month!

This autism diagnosis does not define our family, but it sure does present a few extra challenges, or shall I say “opportunities”? Sometimes, in life, we make the choices, and sometimes the choices make us; into growing and stretching (often not willingly), as we journey down a path we never dreamed. A journey oft begun with shock, then grief, and then ever so gently can become a season of being before we start becoming (again). We are choosing peace over closure on this journey, are hopeful for the years of early and ongoing intervention, which is often coupled with exhaustion for myself, and know He holds the future for us all anyway.
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